About Giggs®
We've been through a lot together over the past few years. Touring is back, and Giggs is here to make it easier to find jobs and qualified employees. It's time to make our 'word of mouth' industry thrive online.

We bring qualified touring professionals and employers together on one platform to make the industry more efficient. To become a member, create a free professional profile for access to all job postings, networking opportunities, company news, community boards, and notification personalization.
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Expand your inner circle and grow your professional network.
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Never miss an opportunity by customising job post notifications.
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Find qualified new crew members that fit all of your criteria.
Trust who you hire & get hired quicker by opting in for a background check.
Problemsfacing the touring industry
Qualified Candidate Shortages
After many fled the industry during the pandemic for new, stable careers, professional rolodexes have decreased significantly and employers are struggling to fill open roles.
Fragmented Market
Without one dominant platform to post jobs and socially network, the touring industry is a scattered community that has relied heavily on 'word of mouth.'
Employee Turnover
By using the 'word of mouth' technique to hire most tour professionals instead of a formal hiring process, employers struggle to find the right fit, which often leads to employee turnover in touring camps.
solutionswith GiggsTM
Finally, one place for companies to find and interact with qualified touring candidates.
Centralized Job Board
One platform for all touring positions. Customize job post notifications to never miss the right opportunity.
Profile Creation
Display personal touring careers to simply find the right match. Customize job post notifications to never miss the right opportunity.
Modern and easy-to-use interface via our Smartphone App or Online Web Page.
Search to connect with fellow roadies, ask questions on the Giggs Community page, & communicate directly through Giggs Chat.
Giggs VerificationTM
Trust who you hire with Background & Reference checks to become Giggs VerifiedTM.
Giggs takes out the middleman in tour staffing and grants autonomy for all.
Vouch Request
With the push of a button, ask fellow Giggs members to vouch for other users anonymously.
Before living on a bus with someone new, view your candidate's endorsements and who endorsed them to feel confident while hiring.